Coffee Workshops

For the coffee lover, enthusiast or simply curious. This course will open your palate to the wonderful world of coffee. Starting at origin, we look at all the variables along the way and how they influence the end cup of coffee, as well as the crucial role you play in a coffees final journey.

We start the day by looking at where coffee is grown and processed and how different methods and focuses lead to different standards. We will gather around the cupping table to fully appreciate these differences, as well as try a few coffees from around the world.

We then move on to brewing coffee and the variables that effect flavour. We will look at what you can do to influence taste and get hands on with a V60 and an Aeropress, as well as pull a few espresso shots.

Hopefully you will gain a new appreciation for coffee, as well as a better understanding of what you prefer and how you can make tasty coffee at home. 

No previous coffee making skills needed. 

Workshops run from 9:30 - 12:30 and hosted at our roastery on the following dates:

18 MAY 2024

29 JUN 2024

20 JUL 2024

Please contact us to book your space or purchase a voucher below for future use or as a gift.

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