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Corban Coffee

Chimanimani AA/AB

Chimanimani AA/AB

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Farm:  Chimanimani Region
Owner:  Agrotur
Location:  Chimanimani, Mozambique
Altitude:  750-1500masl
Varietal:  Catimor 128 and Catimor 129
Process:  Fully washed
Tasting Notes:  Citrus, pecan nuts and dark chocolate
We sourced this coffee through Omwani Coffee who had the following to share:
In 2024, Mozambique made a comeback to the International Coffee Organisation, and Agrotur is leading the way by being one of the first producers to export to the global market again. They're excited to connect with roasters in order to grow together and work closely on crafting their coffee production.

Agrotur is a family business created by couple Francisco and Nicolas Mandlate. Francisco, a seasoned journalist of 21 years, and Nicolas, a banking professional with 12 years of experience, recognised the transformative potential of agriculture during journalistic forays across Mozambique.

Though Mozambique has abundant natural resources and 50 years of independence, the nation still suffers from widespread poverty. Francisco watched as various integration projects for small producers failed to lift families out of poverty, and decided that he needed to do more than just write reports on the matter, instead beginning to work with the community to utilise the industry of agriculture and increase the income of farmers who live outside development programs.

In 2020 the Agrotur project was launched, with a team that worked to establish coffee nurseries and communicate with communities living in the Buffer Zone of the Chimanimani National Park. These communities were told about Agrotur’s initiative to start producing coffee as a cash crop that would not only bring income to families, but also one that is adapted to the effects of climate change.

Agrotur began working with local producers with the aim of drawing attention to the need to protect the fauna, flora and history of Chimanimani, which is home to ancient cave paintings dating back to 5000 BC as well as unparalleled biodiversity.

The first coffee sold was harvested from old plantations of farmers who, on their own initiative, had sourced seeds from Zimbabwe and planted them in their fields. These farmers were happy to work with Agrotur, as previously they had needed to travel to neighbouring countries to sell their coffees. Agrotur reduced their need for travel and also provided them with technical assistance and an increase in areas planted with coffee.

Year after year, the plantations made by Agrotur grow with the expansion of small producers, the objective being for each producer to have at least 1 hectare planted with coffee, native forest species, various fruit trees and food crops to meet the family's food needs.
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